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Rotating Equipment Specialists


Tim Kincaid

Tim Kincaid is President of Tern Technologies, Inc., in Anchorage, Alaska. He has lived in Alaska for the past 36 years. He and his business partner Marty Krueger started Tern Technologies, Inc. in 1984. Tern specializes in optical and laser alignment precision measurement of rotating equipment, vibration monitoring and analysis, and mechanical engineering support.

Mr. Kincaid has extensive experience with optical and laser measurement with over 38 years of field experience on projects throughout the world. Prior to founding Tern, he worked two years with Dresser Clark Optical Alignment Group in Houston, Texas and four years with Veco Turbo Services Optical Alignment Group in Anchorage, Alaska.

Mr. Kincaid is originally from Michigan and is a 1973 graduate of Michigan State University.

Marty Krueger

Marty, along with Tim Kincaid, started Tern back in 1984 to provide alignment services to petrochemical industries starting in Alaska.

Today, 32 years later, Tern provides Rotating Equipment Engineering Support, Vibration Analysis, Optical and Laser Alignment, Instrumentation Engineering and technical support, and Optical Gas Imaging and Infrared Thermography Services. Marty, along with many of the Tern service and engineering team, has provided services throughout the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

He has a vast knowledge base and experience after 39 years in the optical, mechanical and laser alignment business providing service, consulting and instruction in many places and industries around the world.

An Alaska resident for over 35 years, Marty is originally from the Panama Canal Zone, moving to the United States after High School to complete University studies at Stephen F. Austin State University. After he completed his degree, he started to work for Flour E&C before being offered a position in Saudi that was politely declined (being 24 and single, other climes seemed more attractive), then Dresser Clark traveling the United States for several years as a field service rep, then to Veco Turbo Services in Alaska for several years, prior to founding Tern Technologies, Inc. with Tim Kincaid.

Claude Nasse

Claude has been in the field of alignment and vibration analysis of rotating machinery since 1979.  He has a broad range of experience with new machinery installations as well as modifications to existing rotating equipment. Claude’s alignment experience includes everything from small pumps to large multi-coupling machinery trains and shaft or bore alignments using both laser and optical equipment.

Claude’s vibration analysis experience includes everything from machinery startups to routine data collection. He has specified, installed, modified, and commissioned permanently installed continuous vibration monitoring systems.

Garrett Bishop

Garrett Bishop has been working in the rotating equipment field for 13 years. Garrett started out as a facility maintenance technician on the North Slope and has participated in many pump, compressor and turbine overhauls as well as other turnaround maintenance activities. Later, Garrett moved on to coordinating overhauls on hi-energy rotating equipment for an OEM / aftermarket repair facility in Wasilla, AK.

Garrett has been with Tern going on a year now and is a very welcomed addition to our group. He is a great resource for rotating equipment health concerns and is continually honing his skills in the areas of machinery alignment and vibration.

Philip Cole

Hi, my name is Philip Cole, and I have been working in the Rotating Equipment Industry for 14+ years.  I started as a machinist working at a pump repair facility in Wasilla, AK.  Primarily working in Alaska on the North Slope for BP, ConocoPhillips, Hilcorp, and Alyeska Pipeline has provided me with experience, background and an understanding of rotating equipment as it pertains to the oil & gas, power generation, and mining industries.  I am a great resource for rotating equipment health and service. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for information or with questions.

Wayne Robinson

Alaska-raised Wayne Robinson is one of Tern Technology’s Senior Rotating Equipment Engineers.

With an analytical/forensic bent and 35+ years of industrial RE design, installation, start up, operations and maintenance experience, Wayne’s expertise in turbomachinery installation, operation, maintenance, performance analysis and problem resolution has been an extremely valuable asset to the North Slope producers.

Wayne has extensive experience in: machinery vibration analysis and mitigation; turbomachinery mechanical design; maintenance and life cycle cost minimization; piping mechanical design and vibration/acoustical analysis; RE rotor dynamics, aerodynamics and combustion; Noise and flow induced vibration

In his off time, Wayne dabbles in high power rocketry, building antique and medieval weapons and is rumored to have built a handmade Greenland kayak with but one nail.